Family portraits for the holidays...

While I love to photograph landscapes, animals, nature, objects, and other things, some of my favorite things to photograph are people. I often call what I do "people photography," because whether it's solo portraits, a group of friends or strangers, relationships, life events, or any other scenario involving people, I love capturing the moments; interaction, relationship, candids, gazes, souls (and the "windows" to them).

I also grew up loving the holidays and what they meant. I loved the meaning of the season and that our family would get to gather for some good quality time -  filled with traditions, warmth and love - with our loved ones.

So, when Susie came to me for her holiday card portraits, I was not only touched that she was trusting me with such a special and momentous representative of her family, but I was excited about being a part of shaping what that would look like for them! We bounced a few ideas back and forth, and they quickly became the stars in their own holiday feature!

Here are a few of our favorites!